The English section of Rolf P. Hinderers Initiatives
Two kinds of information are provided here:

1. Links to up-to-date newspapers etc. from places where members of our family or friends live
    or where we are interested in. Klick here for more ...
2. Links to those German pages where pictures from my activities are presented. Klick on pictures or text.
    I have been assured from many readers that they are able or can be helped 
    to understand the associated German texts. If not, please write. We will find help.
Walks through my town 
Stuttgart and around.
Sometimes, I do painting.
Here are some examples.
This is from a trip through Maroc.
Travelling is for us
a source of new 
impressions. Here you
will find some of our 
recent visits.
The big one right
was a visit to 
Ronald in Madeira.
He wonderful cared 
for us in this
Tropical Paradise.
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